Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Creating my very first flash

I have always wanted to learn how to create a flash. However, there were always excuses that prevented me from putting my heart into learning it. This time round I finally managed to get down to it and started creating my very first flash.

Got some help from my friend and he introduced a new program, Swish, to me. I tried macromedia flash too but found that it is not quite user friendly. Swish is good for beginners as it contains some ready made animations that can be easily applied. The rest really depends on your imaginations and creativity. For example, the story line of your flash and how you want your animations to be done.

This is a really good learning experience. Though me and my team spent quite a lot on this project, I find that it is all worth while. The sense of satisfaction cannot be expressed when I first saw the final product of our combined efforts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Website Basics

Was looking through some websites to gain more knowledge on website making. Then I came across this one that caught my attention. It provides me with the knowledge of not just the basics but also things like where to start with and who i can look for to host my website and stuff. Pretty interesting. http://www.zeromillion.com/ebiz/domain-website-basics.html

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

New Generation Cell Phones

Just after discussing about new features or technologies during our last lesson, I came about this website from Motorola promoting about its 4th generation cell phones. Amazingly, they touched on the security issue which we were talking about. They have really came up with innovative ideas to capture the attention of the market. Here's the link http://www.motorola.com/mediacenter/news/detail/0,,5011_4299_23,00.html. Check it out!

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Patterns and trends

Qn) Analyze your information requirements are there interesting patterns (sources, uses, failures, the match between cost and value, etc) that you can explore further?

Ans) I noticed that most of the information required actually come from myself. This also means that most of the questions asked are actually up to me to make a decision. Other sources of information are usually obtained from my organizer, with my timetable attached, and my cell phone. I have a habit of saving my activities in my cell phone. It has this function of setting off an alarm when I am required to carry out a particular task. As for the costs and value of my activities, I can say that I usually engage in low cost activites. However, I value some activities as highly valued as I feel that I benefit from those activites and they enrich my life.

Another usual school Day

Time:DayActivityInformation required/useSourceMy locationCost of obtaining InformationValue
0745Wake upWhat time is itCell phoneOn my bed0None
0800Return from toiletWhat lessons do I have todayTimetableRoom0None
0815Walking to North SpineShould I grab something to eat?My instinctsOn NIE bridge0None
0830First lesson of the dayFind familiar facesMy eyesLecture Theatre0High
1130LunchWhat to eatCravings for the dayCanteen $3.00Low
1230MP 2006 LectureLecture notesCheck my bagLecture Theatre0High
1330Break timeWhat to do with my spare time?Check organizerWalking about in North spine0Low
1630Lessons again!!!Check timing to go back and restCell phoneTutorial room0High
1930Dinner TimeWhat to eat?Cravings Canteen $3.00Low
2030Playing gameAnyone to join in.Check msnRoom0None
2330Do some work What ‘s not doneThings to do listRoom0High
0130Brush teethWhat time to sleepCheck concentration levelRoom0Low